READY TEDDY GO! - Teddy Bear Parachuting - June 12th 2012
Entry Form
Please fill out the form below to register your teddy bear for the parachute jump. Please submit the form below for one bear, however, if you would like to submit an entry for more than one bear please use the downloadable form below. Once you have filled in the form, please do not forget to download your sponsor form from 'Sponsor My Teddy'.
Send us a photo of your teddy and we will include it in our "Brave Teddies" page.
Teddy Bear Parachuting Entry Form
Name of Bear
Name of Bear's Owner
Age of Owner (if under 16)
Details of adult responsible for the above. (Full Name, Address and Postcode, Contact Telephone Number(s)
Email Address
Where did you hear about us?
The Exmouth Journal
Readyteddyjump Website
Rotary Club Member
Word of Mouth
Facebook Page
Q: What bear hibernates standing on his head?
A: Yoga bear