READY TEDDY GO! - Teddy Bear Parachuting - June 12th 2012

LivingstoneLivingstone is a teddy bear that has come all the way from South Africa. He was donated by the Livingstone Hotel which is situated next to Victoria Falls. Please see below a poem about Livingstone written by Mantie Lister.

Livingstone - A poem by Mantie Lister
They said he couldn’t do it.
They teased him all along,
but this teddy was on a mission
he wanted to fly near the sun.
He packed up his parachute
made his way to the plane.
The whirring engines
spluttered to action
nothing could get in his way.
Flying high above Victoria,
the hissing plane began to puff.
Though he fastened his goggles tight
his paws were shaking – this was tough.
Saplings of doubt began to creep
towards his beating heart.
What if his friends were right?
Was he being smart?
What if the parachute was cursed?
Or failed to open on demand?
What if he hit the waterfall?
And completely missed the sand?
Blinking through this moment
his mind began to race,
‘No’, he thought, then said out loud
shaking his furry legs.
‘I made a promise to myself
and I won’t let it break.’
As he shuffled to the ledge
the wind hit him in the face
He leant out of the door












the sky



            the clouds


                                                                                                                                the wind



                                                            the birds flew




the bear flew


and twirled


and danced


and laughed.

From the ground

someone remarked:

‘Is that a bear in the sky?’

Don’t be silly scoffed his friend

‘Bears will never fly!’