READY TEDDY GO! - Teddy Bear Parachuting - June 12th 2012
Important Information
***Please arrive anytime between 11.00am – 3.00pm***
Parachutes are supplied on the day.

Sponsor forms can be downloaded by visiting the 'Sponsor My Teddy' area. Please remember that each bear that jumps needs to raise a minimum of £10. Please bring your sponsorship money and form with you on the day and give it to one of the clerks in the Event Marquee.
Dress Your Bear!
So that it is easier for you to spot your bear, it might be a good idea to dress them in something distinctive or perhaps tie a ribbon around them. You want to make sure you see their special moment and don’t forget the camera!
Label Your Bear
It could be easy for a few bears to become confused and end up returning home with the wrong owner. To prevent this, please put a label on your bear detailing your name and telephone number and the name of your bear.
Elderly, Special & Valuable Bears
We take every measure to ensure Teddy Bear Parachuting is as safe as possible, but there are still a few risks and we can’t control the weather! If you have a bear which you love or is worth a lot of money you might consider asking one of your less valuable bears to take part instead.
Size/Type Of Bear
We ask that all bears are between 10cm and 30cm in height and completely soft. Other types of soft toys are fine, but all must be soft with no hard edges. If in doubt bring a reserve in case your first choice can’t make the jump for health & safety reasons!
What Happens After My Teddy Has Landed?
Teddy Medics will attend to your teddy to make sure there are no bruised paws. Your teddy will then be taken to the Event Marquee for you to collect.
Side Attractions
While you are waiting for your teddy to jump there will be lots of side attractions as part of the Exmouth Festival for your amusement and entertainment.

All bears must submit an entry form which can be found at 'Register My Teddy'
Q: What is a bear's favourite drink?
A: Koka Koala!