READY TEDDY GO! - Teddy Bear Parachuting - June 12th 2012
It was a fantastic fun-filled day on 27th May on The Strand in Exmouth. Many death-defying teddies (and other assorted cuddly toys) parachuted to glory from the very high platform. We are delighted to have raised a significant amount for Bramble Ward at RD&E (the amount raised will be shown here when finalised).
Prizes have now been sorted and dispatched. We have pleasure in announcing the following winners:

   Most sponsorship money raised:
   BEAR      OWNER      AMOUNT
   Tommy   Gerard       £95
   George   James        £80
   Toffee     Kathy        £75
   Milly       Lily            £30
   George   Isabel        £30   Nearest The Target:
   BEAR          OWNER
   Tom            Don    (hit the bulls-eye)
   Peef           Lucia  (hit the bulls-eye)
   Dr Jim        Harvey
   Bear Bear   Raphael   Name The Teddy
   The chosen name was Zara and was won
   by Michelle

   All teddies that jumped received a ...

We were very pleased to have the support of Sky Platforms on the day and for our event to be sponsored by Britannia Windows. Other generous supporters are listed on the

Q: What animal do you look like when you get into the bath?
A: A little bear